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Dorothy Palmer is a Top Talent and Literary Agent of 37 years and is packaging Independent films.  She’s been named “Queen Of The Indies” and was featured in The New York Times, "Aires Publication" and “The Ross Reports,” among other publications. 

She is franchised by SAG, AFTRA, EQUITY, AGMA, AGVA, WGA, and is a  member of NATAS. Over the years, she placed thousands of people in advertisements, television commercials, primetime TV, videos, soaps, and in major motion pictures.  Ms Palmer is truly a creative inspiration in our entertainment industry.

She has well-established relationships with leaders in the industry including her parter in the literary agency Fred Caruso (Midnight Cowboy, Beverly Hills Cop II, Godfather, Network, Dressed to Kill, Casualties of War, Blue Velvet and The Rat Pack).


Ms. Palmer has represented thousands of talented actors, actresses, singers, dancers, comedians, writers including the late Frank Gorshin, the Riddler in the original Batman Series and star of the acclaimed one man show "George Burns."


Aries magazine named Dorthy Palmer "The Queen of the Indies" because of her skills in developing independent feature films, bringing everything together in the best way. Dorothy said “The reasons for the Renaissance of independent film making and its attractiveness to the entrepreneurial minded, are economic.  Where once the main source of film income was box office receipts, now there are 23 different sources of ancillary income in addition to theatre income. 


These incomes have made films durable, far less risky, huge profits for business people, and one of the leading industries in the U.S.A.


Dorothy started her career working with the world’s greatest impresario, Sol Hurok, booking stars in the classical world of opera, ballet, and top movies. For the past 36 years, she has resided as the President of her own Talent and Literacy Agency, working with stars, and upcoming stars-to-be. 


Dorothy is available at all times with great bookable talent, all ages, all types and ethnicities, for films, TV, soaps, commercials, hosting events, print, voice-overs, etc.


Casting Directors and Producers should call at any time for the best talent and screenplays. Dorothy can provide disks containing outstanding screenplays seeking investors for these independent films.


Dorothy owns 25 outstanding properties seeking investors for these independent films.


Serious investors should telephone Dorothy at 212- 765-4280 or e-mail to for the best stories, celebrities, Fred Caruso as Producer and distribution.








Queen of the Indies
Directors chair

235 West 56th Street  ~ New York, NY 10019

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